Bunbury 2013

I have been to the Bunbury Festival once before to see the band Death Cab For Cutie but this time I came for the band Fun. Fun. was the last band that went on that night so before them I saw a few other musicians. First I saw the band Ohio Knife. I thought they were, ok, fine. They were more of the rock band, but not the rock I usually like. Next I saw Tegan And Sara and I really liked them. I have never heard them before and they were recommended to me. Next I saw the band Walk The Moon. I liked them. I saw them live once before in Detroit when I saw Neon Trees. For some reason I didn’t really like them back then. Walk The Moon will get big if they haven’t already. I saw a huge number of people there just for them. The band’s “thing” is to paint their faces bright colors like baby blue and yellow. I think at least 1,000 people were there just for them. I saw many people with bright stripes and yellow dots on their faces. They were really enjoyable and not half bad. The last band I saw, Fun. Fun. is a band I like and came there just to see. They put on quite the show. I loved the light show and everyone dancing around in the crowd. There were a lot of people, around 10,000, maybe more. It was really dark outside because they went on at like 10:00 pm. and played until midnight I think. At the end lead singer, Nate Ruess, forgot the words but the crowd just loved it. I guess at concerts the fans love it when they forget the words. So you can say the band Fun., was very fun haha!

The Bunbury Festival had five stages, the Main Stage, which Tegan And Sara, Walk The Moon, and Fun. played at. The Main Stage was the largest stage there, that’s why they called the Main Stage after all. The Rockstar Stage, which I think was names after a beverage that sponsored the festival since there were signs everywhere for it. It was facing the Main Stage form across a very large field. I did not see anybody play there but I know the band Devotchka played there. The next stage was the Cincinnatus Stage and I didn’t see anybody there but I know Jay Nash was there. The next stage was the Bud Light Stage and i din’t see anybody there but I know the band Tokyo Police Club played there. The next stage was the Lawn Stage which I briefly saw the band Old Baby there. I didn’t really like them to be honest. The next and final stage was the Amphitheater Stage which is were I saw the bands The Mitchells and Ohio Knife.

The Bunbury Festival was huge! It was in part of the Cincinnati park. The park was just buzzing with so many people! People of all types, mainly 20 year old adults and infants. But it was filled with people of all ages! I don’t really think they had a drink limit because I saw a few drunk people there. I don’t really understand why people would be drunk because the beers were seven dollars per cup! I guess people bring a lot of money to these things. I really enjoyed the excitement of the thousands of people that came there though. I would love to go again!

The Bunbury Festival lasted three days but I only stayed there for one.



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